Papillon Art Gallery presents Chavdar Valov and Penka Nikova exhibition of paintings and sculptures from 05 to 27 October 2020


Traditionally, every year Art Gallery Le Papillon challenges by bringing together in a common exhibition two artists with different means of expression, but with a similar worldview, sensitivity and temperament. The result is always a pleasant surprise both for the admirers of the contemporary Bulgarian art and for the artists, whose works, correctly and thematically selected, complement and harmonize perfectly. 

From the 5th to the 27th of October 2020 we will have the pleasure to enjoy for the first time in a joint exhibition the paintings by Chavdar Valov and the bronze sculptures by Penka Nikova. They are united not only by the motto "Rhymes of Light", but also by the lyricism of the expression, the elegance of the line, finesse and a sense of flight at the same time. Thus, the exquisite bronze figures find the necessary space in the picturesque landscapes, in which there are almost no objects and traces of human presence. Poetry without words, softness of expression flow from the ethereal paintings sustained in the Art Nouveau style of Chavdar Valov and are palpable in every curve, gesture and shape of the sculptures of Penka Nikova.

Chavdar Valov is a lyrical, I would even say romantic artist, whose paintings raise the mind of the viewer far above the horizon. In its canvases unfold generous sights from a bird's eye view, capturing the unadulterated beauty of nature. A characteristic feature of the artist's work is the reduction of the scale, concentrating in one canvas the whole variety of colors and shapes of alternating fields, terrains and forests, arranged in sequence in synchrony as rhymes. Often its landscapes are variegated with rich colors like a rug of fertile land, observed from above. The soft intricate tones are finely laid on top of each other, and the drawing is enriched with a thin pen taking away part of the upper layer of color to reveal the richness of the lower. He is a representative of postmodern realism and has to do with similar searches of some artists of the 1920s and 1930s, in contrast to the tendencies to separate from the traditional pictorial space in the direction of new forms of expression and means.
Staring at his paintings, the viewer is captivated by the vastness, richness and perfection of nature, and consciousness is carried high and far from the current anxieties of a place where silence allows us to hear our own emotions and thoughts. His works have the ability to transport you to another world, summarizing the beauty and power of poetry without words, but with color and smooth shapes. The common clue running through all of Chavdar Valov's paintings is light. Whether it will generously flood spacious fields, painted in bright yellow and orange, or sneak unobtrusively between the branches of trees, forming a complex tangle of shadows, light is a feeling that is always present and invariably creates a mood of positivity and harmony.

The sculptures of the talented Penka Nikova are outstanding not only with her characteristic style, but with a very high level of mastery of expression and strong plasticity as a movement. With mastery and precise processing, the artist sculpts from the heavy bronze tender and delicate figures, putting in them her worldview and messages to the audience. Often her figures are constructed with a great deal of humor, which through benevolence and sincerity evokes a honest smile, but also raises deeper topics if we have the senses to capture them. Distinctive in the artist's work are undoubtedly the female images, which she builds in different directions - elegant and mysterious ladies, the woman - bearer of the symbol of nature, combining element and finesse or a mythological image with reference to a familiar plot. Some of them convey a momentary state and emotion, even introspection, while others have a strong charge and impulse and the movement is quite noticeable. Penka Nikova is a talented sculptor, whose works have been praised and are already being studied in textbooks for art schools. Although there are significant monumental projects, she is better known for her small sculptures. This exhibition includes 8 sculptures from small easel shapes to larger and impressive with the contrast of its scale confronting the tenderness of the shapes. The themes of the figures, such as "Seasons", "Morning", "Wind", "Friend of the Birds" quite intuitively and without prior information complement the landscape paintings of Chavdar Valov. Others, such as „Belcanto“ and „Enthusiasm“, make you want to touch and caress them - proof of the sculptor's plastic mastery.

Welcome to the opening of the exhibition on October 5-th, 2020 at 6.18 p.m., when in the gallery space at 12 Dragoman Street, as well as outdoors and with the necessary distance, in the company of Chavdar Valov and Penka Nikova for an exciting journey, inspired by nature and music, created through the inimitable style of the two.

The exhibition can be viewed from 5-th to 27-th of October 2020 in the hall of Art Gallery Le Papillon at 12 Dragoman Street, as well as on the website of the gallery and on the Facebook page Le Papillon Art Gallery.

Kind regards,
Victoria Miteva


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