BalBok at the European Business Awards 2012/13, Second Phase


Recently, we have shared with you our delight with BalBok Engineering being selected as a National Finalist 2012/13 at this year’s European Business Awards and moving to the next phase of this most prestigious competition.

This phase includes video presentation, submitted by all National Finalists, accessible on the European Business Awards website.

What’s new this year?

The European Business Awards are allowing the general public to vote for their favourite business. The business in each nation who receives the most votes will automatically advance to the next phase of the competition to the National Champion status.

The public vote will be run online at

from 6th September – 17th October 2012.

How to vote

Visitors to the site will see details of how to vote on the home page. Step one – visitors choose a country. Step two - they can then view all entries for that country by clicking on the company name. Oneach video page, there is a vote button. Step three – login and vote. One vote per country per person will be allowed.

There is no multiple voting mechanic. All results will be kept closed so they do not prejudice public opinion one way or another.


You can view BalBok Engineering video presentation at:

More about the European Business Awards at: