A BalBok team performed cleanup operation at Montupet


On 30 September 2012, a team of BalBok Engineering performed a cleanup operation of tower for amine flushing, part of Montupet EOOD-Ruse production cycle.

It was a complex, time bound, operation, involving detailed planning. The team started cleanup at 3h in the morning and finished work at 3h in the afternoon.

The cleanup included the following:

  • Removing the filler that provides a larger contact surface for better capture of amine vapors as they pass through the tower
  • Washing the inside of the tower with water jet and steam
  • Pumping the liquid phase from the bottom
  • Breaking the sludge repeatedly with water jet, pumping the liquid phase and hand excavation of the solid sludge
  • Removal of the waste for further treatment

All health and safety regulations were accordingly observed and appropriate personal protective equipment was used.

Amines with low molecular weight are toxic and some are easily absorbed through the skin

Sulfuric acid used to remove the amine is highly corrosive and causes burns on contact with the skin. Its vapors are toxic if inhaled.