The first Mobile Collection Point for 2020 will be in “Novi Iskar” and “Kremikovtsi” on 24 January


On 24 January (Friday), from 8.30 hours to 15.30 hours is the first Mobile collection point for 2020, which will cover two Sofia administrative regions - “Novi Iskar” and “Kremikovtsi”.

The following hazardous waste, formed in the households will be collected for free:

  • Mercury and mercury containing appliances
  • Varnish and paint materials
  • Household detergents and chemicals
  • Ink and used printing materials
  • Pharmaceutical products (medicines with expired sell-by date)

From 8.30 hours to 11.30 hours the Mobile point will be located in Novi Iskar on 121 “Iskarsko defile” Street, in front of “Novi Iskar” administrative region building.

From 12.30 hours to 15.30 hours it will move to Chelopechene, Angel Madjarov Street, in the square opposite to the municipal building (in front of the monument).

We will be expecting you!

0700 11 750 is the universal phone number for your inquiries and requests.


You will find up-to-date Information for the Mobile point locations on our Facebook page as well.

Download the new Schedule of the Mobile collection point for 2020.