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Collection of Hazardous Waste from the Households


System for separate collection of hazardous waste from the households

The New System

BalBok Engineering Co. together with Sofia municipality is applying since 2012 a completely new for Bulgaria, System for separate collection of hazardous waste from the households.

Hazardous waste is collected free of charge from the households by request, and every month in a Mobile collection point.

Current information

Current information about the locations of the Mobile collection point can be found on BalBok and Sofia municipality websites.

The telephone

0700 11 750 is the universal telephone number for information and requests, at the cost of a local call.

An operator is taking phone calls from 9.00 to 18.00 in work days, and the collection of waste is performed during the same working hours.

At the weekends an answering machine is taking requests and an action is performed in the first working day.

The hazardous waste from the households

The inclusion of waste with hazardous characteristics in the mainstream households’ waste has negative effect on human health, causes environmental pollution and affects the normal exploitation of the depots.

Hazardous waste from the households is:

  • Mercury and mercury containing appliances
  • Varnish and paint materials
  • Household detergents and chemicals
  • Ink and used printing materials
  • Pharmaceutical products (medicines with expired sell-by date)


Maximum convenience for the citizens

The System is designed to provide maximum convenience for the citizens. It is free, simple and effective.