Waste Management

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment


Waste electrical and electronic equipment

We treat the waste according to the requirements, set in the WEEE and RoHS Directives and Bulgarian legislation. They apply to the production released on the market, as well as collection and treatment of waste equipment.

BalBok Engineering Co. works very successfully with the companies, producing and importing electrical and electronic equipment for non-personal use.

We offer individual schemes for collecting and recovery – alternative to the collective ones, offered by different recovery organizations.

We guarantee to all our clients strict accounting and met legislation obligations for treatment of waste.

Mercury containing lamps

In 2003 BalBok Engineering Co. developed its own collection system for mercury containing lamps, adding other types of waste, electric and electronic equipment later on.

We collect, from the whole territory of the country, gas discharge lamps, which we carefully sort and clean, then deliver for recycling in specially designed facilities. The achieved recycling rate is above 90%.