Waste Management

Obsolete and banned pesticides


The historically accumulated significant quantities of obsolete and banned pesticides in every part of the country put at risk human health, the environment and  impede the development of the region where they are located.

BalBok Engineering Co. applies an integrated approach towards management of this type of waste, which consist of proper identification, physico-chemical treatment, re-packaging, and disposal (permanent storage in Bulgaria or incineration abroad). Total elimination of the pollution from the improper storage of this hazardous waste is achieved by removal and neutralizing of waste residues and treatment of the contaminated soil around the premises by our own method for land treatment.

The 6ST technology, developed by BalBok and used for treatment of over 5000 t of pesticides was successfully presented during the 7th and 8th International HCH and Pesticides Forums.

The sites, where the filled “B-B cube”® containers are located, do not require special security measures. The annual monitoring performed by BalBok Engineering Co. proves no contamination of the components of the environment.