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National System for Collection of Hazardous Waste from Households


The National System for Separate Collection of Hazardous Waste from Households is operating successfully around the country since 2014, currently covering over 2.5 million residents. It covers not only the separate collection, but also all activities for the final disposal of the collected hazardous municipal waste.

The inclusion of waste with hazardous characteristics in the mainstream households’ waste has negative effect on human health, causes environmental pollution and affects the normal exploitation of the depots.

Hazardous waste from the households is:

  • Mercury and mercury containing appliances
  • Varnish and paint materials
  • Household detergents and chemicals
  • Ink and used printing materials
  • Pharmaceutical products (medicines with expired sell-by date)

From the beginning of 2012 on the territory of Sofia Municipality began the implementation of a completely new system for separate collection of hazardous waste from households. Hazardous waste is accepted by citizens' homes on request at 0700 11 750 and once a month at a mobile collection point. The locations of the Mobile Collection Point are listed in a pre-agreed Schedule.

Detailed information about the System of the territory of Sofia Municipality can be found in the section "Products and Services" / "Collection of Hazardous Waste from Households on the territory of Sofia Municipality".

The system is an innovative service that ensures compliance with national and European environmental legislation in the field of waste management. When hazardous waste is released from the general household waste stream, this significantly reduces the risk to human health and the occurrence of accidents. On the other hand, their mixing with other wastes disrupts the organization of work on the collection and disposal of solid household waste as well as in the separate collection and utilization of recyclable fractions of paper, metal, glass and plastics.

For the application of the System, BalBok Engineering has been awarded an Innovative Enterprise of the Year in the area "Green Innovation" at the Tenth National Innovation Forum, held on December 16th, 2014 in Sofia.

National system for separate collection and disposal of hazardous household waste - Expect a Mobile collection points on the territory of the following municipalities around the country in 2021:

Avren, Balchik, Bansko, Blagoevgrad, Devnya, Dobrichka, Dryanovo, Dupnitsa, Elhovo, Gotze Delchev, Kavarna, Kozloduy, Mirkovo, Panagyurishte, Pernik, Plovdiv, Pravetz, Radnevo, Radomir, Razlog, Russe, Silistra, Sliven, Sredetz, Stara Zagora, Teteven, Tundzha Varna, Veliko Turnovo.