About BalBok



BalBok Engineering Co. is a joint-stock company, established to implement world's best practices in waste management and to develop new methods and technologies for treatment of waste.

Since 2011 BalBok is regularly selected for inclusion in the European Business Awards, which identify some of Europe’s brightest businesses based on their ability to demonstrate the three core principles at the heart of the Awards programme - innovation, business excellence and sustainability.

BalBok’s mission is environmental protection and prevention of waste pollution, in a safe and economically effective way. The things that make the company different are the passion for work well done and the strict compliance with rules and legislation.

For more than 20 years of sustainable development the company has adopted a successful Integrated System for treatment of waste, generated on the territory of Bulgaria, which comprises the following specialised units:

  • Sites for pre-treatment;
  • Sites and facilities for deposit;
  • Facilities for incineration of solid and liquid hazardous waste;
  • Facilities for incineration of gases;
  • Facilities for disposal of waste, containing polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs);
  • Facilities for recycling of waste electric and electronic equipment;
  • Facilities for recycling of waste mercury containing lamps;
  • Facilities for recycling of mercury and mercury containing batteries, components, thermometers etc.;
  • Equipment for treatment of ozone depleting and fluorinated greenhouse gases.


The automated information system for the waste, developed by BalBok, allows movement tracking out of every consignment of waste, collected for treatment and guarantees issue of recovery/disposal certificates.