About BalBok



Our mission is to contribute to protection of the environment and prevention of pollution with waste through ecological, safe and economically efficient treatment of the hazardous waste, stored or generated by industry and households.

Our policy is aimed at:

  • Quality of the offered products and services
  • Reducing our footprint on the environment
  • Guaranteeing health and safety of our employees, clients and contractors.

To realize our policy we take the following obligations:

  • We offer products and services with quality corresponding to the requirements of our clients.
  • We create long-term relations with our clients and partners to achieve the benefits of common work.
  • All company operations are according to the current applicable legislation in regard to protection of the environment and health and safety at work.



BalBok Engineering Co. is licensed for hazardous waste treatment for the whole territory of Bulgaria. The company offers its clients both rapid response cleanup services and long-term site remediation and restoration projects. The consulting group prepares waste management and sustainability programs and consultations for municipalities as well as for industrial facilities.
BalBok has extensive experience in the management of hazardous and low- and intermediate-level liquid, solidified, and solid radioactive waste. It developed and produces BB cube® - container for storage and transportation of hazardous and low and intermediate level radioactive waste. Our clients include Bulgarian and Ukrainian nuclear facilities, local and regional authorities in Bulgaria, Ministries as well as industrial facilities and consulting companies.
  • Highest level of expertise in the field of hazardous waste and radioactive waste
  • Designing of environmental and waste management systems
  • Development and implementation of waste treatment technologies by waste type and origin
  • IT solutions in the environmental and business field
  • Preparation of studies and introduction of new environmental laws
  • Introducing understanding producers’ responsibility principle
  • Financial-social-environmental analysis