Waste Management

Recovery / Disposal of Waste


BalBok Engineering Co. offers collection and transportation, physico-chemical treatment, repackaging, pre-treatment sorting and dismantling, also temporary and permanent storage of different kind of waste, such as:

  • organic and inorganic waste containing dangerous substances;
  • cyanide containing waste – acids, sediments, waste materials;
  • used sorbents, filters, protective clothes, contaminated packaging etc.;
  • paint, varnish, thinner, sludge of regeneration of paint and varnish;
  • sludge from on-site effluent treatment;
  • mercury containing waste – thermometers, lamps, mercury rectifiers, mercury compounds, etc.


We have considerable experience in development of solidification and stabilization technologies for every particular case, depending on the characteristics of the waste and the aims of the waste generator – landfill, permanent storage in containers and in mines, recovery as final product, etc.

The 6ST technology is a perfect solution for temporary or permanent disposal operations of toxic waste, not suitable for incineration.

The sites,where the filled “B-B cube”® containers are placed, do not require special security measures. The annual monitoring performed by BalBok Engineering Co. proves no contamination of the components of the environment.