Mobile point on 23 October in Nadezhda and Vrabnitza


The last Mobile point for collection of hazardous waste from the households this month will visit two municipal regions - Nadezhda and Vrabnitza – on 23 October 2020 (Friday).

From 830 to 1130hours it will be placed in Nadezhda - on 55 Kiril Drangov St. - in front of the regional administrative building.

From 1230 to 1530 hours it will move to Vrabnitza - in Khan Kubrat Blvd., bl. 328 - in front of Vrabnitza administrative building.

There will be a free collection of the following hazardous waste from the households:

  • Mercury and mercury containing appliances
  • Varnish and paint materials
  • Household detergents and chemicals
  • Ink and used printing materials
  • Pharmaceutical products (medicines with expired sell-by date)

0700 11 750 is the universal phone number for your inquiries and requests.


Download Schedule of the mobile collection point for 2020.