Separate collection of household hazardous waste in Sofia municipality during 2018. The new Schedule of the mobile point


Sofia Municipality and BalBok Engineering continue their collaboration and application of the System for separate collection of hazardous waste from the households. 2016-7 was the most successful period for the already established system, which enjoys sustained interest of local residents. The total amount of hazardous waste collected from its launch in 2012 until the end of 2017 reached nearly twenty tons.

The new schedule of Mobile Collection Point for 2018 can be found on the web sites of BalBok Engineering, Sofia municipality and Sofia Inspectorate as well as up to date information about the locations of the mobile point on BalBok Facebook page. 0700 11 750 is the familiar telephone number for inquiries and requests.

The first Mobile Collection Point for 2018 will be for Novi Iskar and Kremikovtzi regions, on 19 January. During the whole year there will be total of 21 points and three three-day campaigns – in April, June and October.

The System for separate collection of hazardous waste from the households, a joint effort of Sofia Municipality and BalBok Engineering, includes free collection of waste from address by citizens’ request, and a Mobile collection point once a month; also providing transportation and packaging for safe transportation and subsequent treatment.

For the short nine-month period of the pilot phase of the project (January-September 2012) nearly one ton of hazardous waste from over 100 addresses and 12 Mobile collection points was collected and disposed. In 2016-17, we collected the record 8 tons and organized 21 Mobile points.

The following groups of waste formed in the households are considered hazardous: mercury and mercury containing equipment (eg., thermometers, mercury switches, etc.), varnish and paint materials, household cleaners and chemicals (including chemicals for pest control), contaminated packaging, pharmaceuticals (drugs with expired date of use) and other waste, which composition and characteristics pose a risk to human health and the environment.

For the application of the System, BalBok Engineering has been awarded an Innovative Enterprise of the Year in the area "Green Innovation" at the Tenth National Innovation Forum, Sofia 2014.


Schedule of the Mobile collection Point for 2018