Working towards a sustainable waste management system 23-24 April 2012 Grand Hotel Sofia


Two-day international conference under the project WasteKit, Sofia 23-24 April 2012

Working towards a sustainable waste management system” was the theme of the two-day WasteKit mutual learning event, which took place in Sofia, on 23-24 April 2012.

WasteKit is a project financed by the EC and will formally run until December 2012. The EU is aiming for a significant cut in the amount of waste generated, through new waste prevention initiatives, better use of resources, and encouraging a shift to more sustainable consumption patterns. WasteKit contributes to these EU-aims by underlining the relevance innovation and business-oriented projects in order to maximize the usage of knowledge spillovers and enhance innovation in waste management.

Its partners are representatives of local administrations, research institutes and companies from the following 4 “Regions of Knowledge”: Emilia-Romagna (Italy, Yorkshire & Humber (UK), Sofia (Bulgaria) and Amsterdam (the Netherlands).

The event gave opportunities for exchange of knowledge, opinions and contemporary and innovative ideas and presented information about best practices in the waste management. The presenters shared their approach to waste management regarding legislation, technologies and public perceptions. The accompanying round table sessions stirred enthusiastic discussions between experts and colleague-professionals. The conclusions made would add up to creation of sustainable waste management system.

Ralitza Anguelova, Deputy Executive Director of BalBok Engineering Co., presented the System for separate collection of hazardous waste from the households – the first working and successful project of the kind on the territory of Sofia (and in Bulgaria) – which Sofia municipality and BalBok Engineering started in the beginning of the year and is getting huge response from the citizen all over the country.


Bulgarian partners of WasteKit are Sofia Municipality, Balkan Research Institute of Ecology and Environmental Protection, Bulgarian Academy of Science, Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Denkstatt Bulgaria BOO.